Get Involved

How to Get Started

  1. Read our About page to get an understanding of the project. Don’t sweat it if there aren’t things you don’t understand right away!
  2. Read the State of the Network page to see what we are up to!
  3. Come say hi in our chat,
    • If you are connecting via the Riot mobile app, select Use custom server options (advanced) and set the homeserver to

What We Need (Right Now)

  • People willing to come up with a plan to flesh out the mesh network, including testing, documenting, and messing with hardware!
  • People with a desire to host/install a physical node (like a router, old computer, or Raspberry Pi that can run 24/7).
  • People with Linux and/or networking knowledge (Don’t worry BSD sysops, we need and <3 you too).
  • Developers, tinkerers, amateur radio operators, and engineering-types to help build and shape the network.
  • People interested in community outreach; go to local events and spread the word!
  • Community ambassadors, checkout the Next Steps section of the State of the Network page.
  • People willing to write grants and request funds to procure hardware for the network.
  • Still reading? We probably need you, too! Come talk to us in the chat and let us know what you’re interested in.