Matrix, Wekan, & Map Online!

For the past week I’ve been heavily investing time into the Philly Mesh infrastructure by setting up new resources for the group. I’ve spun up a new VPS through Vultr, located in New Jersey, to host some of the more intensive applications. Information for peering with this box will be available shortly, as it is already up and running on the Hyperboria network!

The new VPS hosts three main services for the time being:

First is a Matrix server ( for group communication. All existing addresses and bridges (like IRC) will continue to work and this new server just supplies another federated endpoint to get on the network. Please don’t hesitate to say hi (we also host our own webchat for Matrix ( though Riot is available for many platforms)!

Second, we are hosting a Wekan installation ( This kanban-style application will help organize and keep track of current projects and map out needs for future ones. The Wekan has open registrations at this time, though it may be a bit empty at first!

Third, in collaboration with Toronto Mesh I am working on a new node map ( based off of NYC Mesh’s map source. This is a work in progress and will ultimately have a GitHub repository available for anyone to use for node submission. I am also looking at other meshnet mapping solutions such as NodeShot, but they are proving to be unusable for the time being.

Rough notes for the installations are currently available through our documentation repo on GitHub and will be cleaned up and expanded upon in the future!


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