Browse the Philly Mesh Site from Hyperboria

The Philly Mesh website is now available from Hyperboria. The new subdomain will resolve to [fc4a:cb93:88dc:32e1:43ec:e1b8:2b45:dd46] and is available via both HTTP and HTTPS:

As cjdns encrypts traffic end-to-end, standard HTTP should be acceptable in most configurations. You will want to use the HTTPS link if you connect to Hyperboria via a cjdns gateway on a different machine or if you share the machine running cjdroute.

If you do use HTTPS, you will likely get a warning from the browser that the cerificate is invalid as it is issued for an IP in a private address space (as all Hyperboria addresses are). Be aware, there should be no issue with this certificate. In the future, I may go through the process of configuring a CA for (self-signing a cert for and distributing the root cert, signed with my GPG key, but don’t find it necessary right now. The current certificate is issued by Let’s Encrypt.


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