New Site Online!

As you can see, I have officially put the domain to full use as the new public-facing site for Philly Mesh. I’ve finished importing all of the old site content into this new site, and added permanant redirects on all the old permalinks to their respective pages here. This means any existing link for a page on should seamlessly redirect to the proper content on If you happen to find any broken links, please let me know! The previous site was suffering from several issues before the move and I was unable to import a database backup; all content was reentered by hand.

This new site has some updated content, but all of the previous posts are accounted for. I have temporarily removed the node map page as it was not maintained well and I hope to replace it with a self-hosted solution coming up.

You may also notice that https is now forced, all insecure http connections will be automatically redirected to use TLS.

The GitHub organization is also live, which you can find at

Next on the list of to-dos:

  • Setup a Wekan kanban board (to better track to-do lists).
  • Setup for Hyperboria access
  • Setup a Matrix server for communication
  • Setup a Nodeshot map for nodes (or some other mapping solution)
  • Setup cjdns on more servers and create a nodes/services page for nodes Philly Mesh has on the network and what they offer.

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