New Nodes Online

Yesterday, I deployed two nodes running cjdns, ready to peer with other nodes nearby! These nodes will be online 24/7 and are backed by different Internet service providers, which will hopefully provide a reasonable level of redundancy.

While these nodes currently lack wireless connectivity, I am looking into options to either configure them for wireless access, use them as Hyperboria gateways which other networking equipment can route through, or acquire new wireless hardware to run cjdns directly. That said, these nodes are fully functional and able to peer with others wishing to connect to Hyperboria over the Internet, lending a hand in creating a new mesh in the area after such a long absence.

If you’re in the region (PA, NJ, DE, MD) and want to connect, I am more than willing to offer you peering credentials for both nodes. You can check out the location of each node and add your own potential node on the map below.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. The official installation instructions can be found here for a variety of operating systems, but I’m happy to help as well. Typical installation takes anywhere between five minutes and an hour, only requiring a dozen or so commands. Peering requests from anyone ready to connect may take a few days, but I’ll be sure to get to each one!

I hope this helps breathe new life into the Philly Mesh community, and I’ve already reached out to a few people interested in participating.

If you’re interested in joining the mesh and have been holding out, now is the time!


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