Philly Mesh is a community-owned mesh network in the Greater Philadelphia Area (including Philly’s suburbs, parts of New Jersey, and Delaware). Philly Mesh is comprised of volunteers consisting of networking enthusiasts, cypherpunks, programmers, and general tinkerers. We aim to use off-the shelf hardware and open source-source software to create a robust network for hobbyists, communities, or those in need of network access.

Since 2013, the ultimate goal of Philly Mesh has been to devise a strong, secure mesh network within the city limits to provide wireless coverage. The mesh network follows a peer-to-peer, decentralized structure. Routers, referred to as “nodes,” link together wirelessly, avoiding the centrality of ISPs. Anyone can run their own node and join the network!

As of 2019, Philly Mesh is looking to build upon the bmx7 protocol, implemented on commodity hardware running OpenWRT or Linux/BSD. Additional networking may be built on top of devices linked this way using the experimental Yggdrasil, for an end-to-end encrypted IPv6 network. Over-the-air connection between wireless nodes is currently in the development phase.

Previously, Philly Mesh was running cjdns and allowed connection to Hyperboria, a global decentralized meshnet and internetwork of nodes. Some of this infrastructure may still be in place, but is no longer the focus of this project.

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